About Us

Our Story

Starting, running and growing a business can be very challenging and getting the right support could be crucial to your success.

BUSINESSEXCEL UK is all about helping you get it right if you are thinking about starting or have just started and becoming more successful if you are already established.

We are experienced business management consultants with expertise in Business Management & Strategy, Finance, Product Development, Financial Planning, Forecasting & Modelling, Sales & International Business Development.

Who do we work with?

  • Those thinking about starting a business or social enterprise
  • Entrepreneurs that have just started their business
  • Established businesses looking to expand or grow

What do we do?

  • Help you develop your Idea
  • Support you with developing your Business Plan & Financial Forecasts
  • Help you get Finance Ready & Raise Finance
  • Work with you on restructuring the business, developing new products or entering new markets
  • Help you find Finance
  • Help you meet BUYERS of Multi-chain retail stores
  • Help you explore & enter NEW MARKETS
  • Support you with FRANCHISING your business