Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

  1. BusinessExcel UK is a generalist consultancy that is responsible for supporting its clients through information and advice. To the best of our knowledge, the information and advice provided are as accurate as possible. It is the responsibility of our clients to check and we will not accept any responsibility for misinterpretations or misuse of information or advice given or losses/liabilities that may arise.
  2. Clients are expected to make payments for services as agreed. BusinessExcel UK reserves the right to terminate the delivery of any of its services at any stage with due and reasonable notification.
  3. BusinessExcel UK will act reasonably to ensure the confidentiality of information relating to our clients. It is the client’s responsibility to expressly state if information provided by them can be used for other purposes or shared. If this is not expressly stated or inferred, we will assume responsibility for how such information can and should be managed or used.
  4. Data and information collected, provided and or used by the client or BusinessExcel UK for the development of reports, financial forecasts or proposals are assumed to be accurate and correct. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure suitability, accuracy and correctness. We will not accept any responsibility or be liable for any losses that may arise from its use or interpretation.
  5. BusinessExcel UK and its client are responsible for agreeing deadlines and boundaries for service provision and delivery. We reserve the right to change/alter agreed deadlines with due and reasonable notification.
  6. BusinessExcel UK could and will refer its clients to specialist advisers and service providers. It is the responsibility of clients to do due diligence before engaging with associated organisations.
  7. BusinessExcel UK will not be responsible for any alterations or adjustments of any business plans, proposals or financial forecasts made by the client or their associates. We will also not be liable for any losses therein.